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Aquassay announces successful €750K fundraising from two private funds, FSIIEE and HD I&P, and Dynalim, the Limousin region’s matching investment fund designed to finance young, innovative SMEs.

In a world where water has become a major issue in terms of health, environment and economy, Aquassay has made a name for itself as one of the leading protagonists in the new market for water efficiency in industry and already boasts a number of solid global references and striking operations both in France and internationally. In this way, Aquassay is establishing itself as a service company specialised in Water Efficiency in industry: measuring so as to consume less, improving production and wasting less.

Using diagnostics tooling and dynamic cartography, Aquassay provides a comprehensive, detailed view of the water usage on an industrial site.

Having identified and assessed the possibilities for improvement, Aquassay supports manufacturers through the implementation of quasi-exhaustive solutions for optimisation by favouring strategies to reduce costs and limit the risk at source.

This fundraising provides the company with the means to manage the significant growth linked to the rapid deployment of its innovative e-water mapping service.

With its networks of sensors, real-time flow and data analysis, big data and scalable web-based human machine interface, Aquassay is revolutionising water management. By circulating data at the same time as water, e-water mapping produces a permanent diagnosis, giving manufacturers the ability to optimise and then control their water usage and hence maintain their level of performance over time.

Furthermore, coordinated by Advolis Conseil (finance) and Toison & Associés (legal), this fundraiser enables Aquassay to implement the next stages of its development: making its current service available to large conglomerations and increasing its ability to play an international role, particularly on the sites of its target clients, which are inherently globalised sectional leaders.

Founded by Stéphane Gilbert and based in Limoges, Aquassay is a member of Bpifrance Excellence.

For further info please visit www.aquassay.com

Contact: hello@aquassay.com

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