Our concrete case


Water is your domain. You know it is precious and that there is no way wasting it.

Principle scheme

From the drilling to the WWTP, though the CIP, water is everywhere in your factory. Each step of each process aims to purify water: filters, softeners, osmosis units, etc.


Your challenges

Beyond monitoring and maintaining your installation, your principal worries obviously are the quality of bottled water, which must be flawless, but also the minimization of stoppages on the production chain and before the bottling lines.


Our solution

A business SaaS

For each of your installations, Aquassay disposes of a devoted SaaS allowing the simple visualization of gross parameters sent to our secured server and calculated parameters, relevant for monitoring or maintenance. You get a global visibility of your site and alerts can be sent when an unhabitual water loss is detected or when the quality of the ingredient water does not fall in your standards.


A help for decision making

Thanks to the sent data, our water and process engineering experts realize, on demand, a model of your installations to use them at their optimum for the longest time possible. For instance, in the case of a sand filter, retro-washings will be planned according to data instead of regularly, improving installations and site global water performance.


Listening experts

Furthermore, to answer specifically to all your challenges, the Aquassay solution has been conceived to collect all data types and restitute them in the most suitable format thanks to more than thirty visualization panels. Our experts are listening to put in place a personal interface in place on your site.