Our concrete case

Dairy industry

In your installation, milk is obviously at the center of your attention. Yet, water intervenes everywhere as utility or ingredient.  


Principle scheme

In your factory, ingredient-water and utility-water are in contact at different steps of the processes and are classically prepared from filters, active charcoal filters and softeners or from a chlorination step. A third type of water, cow’s water, can even be produced at the exit of vapor concentrators. Furthermore, effluents treatment is majorly done on site, by physicochemical and biological treatments.


Your challenges

These three flows (ingredient, utility and cows’ water) make water management more complex than in other factory types. If monitoring and maintaining your installations obviously are an economic challenge, you are concerned about environment and your client’s health but also about optimizing your water consumption.


Our solution

A business SaaS

For each of your installations, Aquassay disposes of a devoted SaaS allowing the simple visualization of gross parameters sent to our secured server and calculated parameters, relevant for monitoring or maintenance. You get a global visibility of your site and alerts can be sent when an unhabitual water loss is detected or when the quality of the ingredient water does not fall in your standards.


A smart effluents sorter

On another note, we have developed a smart effluents sorter. Combining DATASWATI and Aquassay competences, this sorter allows, at the exit of evapo-concentrators, to discriminate effluents which can be reused and those which will be treated in WWTP.


Listening experts

Furthermore, to answer specifically to all your challenges, the Aquassay solution has been conceived to collect all data types and restitute them in the most suitable format thanks to more than thirty visualization panels. Our experts are listening to put in place a personal interface in place on your site.