Our goal is to help our clients, on site or remotely, integrating our water efficiency strategy and our expertise. At the end, they can make their water management evolve by themselves and continue improving themselves over time.

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Specialists of water efficiency and digital transformation applied to water, our teams can work on-site or remotely to analyze your situation, identify areas of improvement and areas of risks and recommend action plans :


  • Diagnosis & Solutions WATER: study on water uses and treatments performance,
  • Diagnosis & Solutions DATA: study on “water” data production, transmission and exploitation





During a WATER diagnosis

We carry out a desk study (data, maps, …), visit facilities and lead interviews of concerned teams, with a system approach. If these studies are conducted remotely, they are based on your historical data and/or a real-time follow-up thanks to our solution eWE.

Depending on the area of operation, deliverables might be :

1. A synthesis based on collected data and information, their analysis and interpretation (areas of improvement and areas of risk)

2. A process flow diagram (PFD) which summerize this system approach

3. An action plan :

First axes of improvement (organizational or technical solutions).

Recommendation of  complementary data production if existing data are not enough,

Recommendation of water management strategy : define aspirations and axes of work to implement a sustainable water management

During a DATA diagnosis

We carry out an overview of measuring devices and data management resources. We lead interviews with concerned teams (maintenance, IT, automation, environment,…) to identify practices and needs. 

Deliverables are : 

  • A synthesis based on collected data and information, their analysis and interpretation,
  • Recommendation of optimization of “water” data collection, management and exploitation



During a WATER diagnosis


Our teams install data production and collection devices to complete existing knowledge (supply, production, discharges). Depending on the cases, several weeks campaign are necessary, including :

  • Continuous measurements, implying measuring points installation and mangement (flow, temperature, conductivity, pH, …),
  • Samples analyzed in laboratories (eg. : physico-chemistry and chemistry, microbiology, toxicology).
  • Interviews with managers, operators and administrators.

Data analysis allows to :

  • Discriminate measured events signatures and correlate them to industrial operations or incidents,
  • Prioritise events based on impacts and risks and create a quality/quantity/uses matrix.
  • Generate a precisely-calculated PFD.


During a DATA demonstration


Our teams install our solution eWE to produce new calculated parameters and generate a system approach.

This demonstration should be long enough (eg: 6 months) for your teams to appropriate the new features brought by our SaaS and produce enough data to identify areas of inmprovement by themselves, test solutions and measure their impact.



From both collected and produced data and information and from the outlook for facilities development and context, our teams recommend a set of solutions adapted to your situation and your stakes :

Act on uses to reduce at source consumption and pollutions.

These actions can be technical (eg: sober processes, substitution or removal of substances,…) and/or organizational (eg: awareness and courses, best practices, operational modifications,…)

Act on water management organizations and equipments,

existing or to be created, to improve their performance and reduce their operating costs and their environmental footprint (eg: POU water treatment, differentiated management of waste, reuse & recycle, “process engineering” data analysis,…)

Act on water-related data and information production, transmission, management and exploitation,

to improve their exploitation and make your teams’ work much easier (time savings, early detection of drifts and dysfunctions, enhanced knowledge of events kinetics : slopes, extreme values, predictive simulation of processes…)

These actions are prioritized based on a first solution/cost/gains assessment. Preliminary outline projects can then be carried out before.

In the most advanced cases, AQUASSAY support you in conceiving and deploying a water efficiency and digital transformation strategy adapted to your goals and constraints (Water Master Plan).


Use new numeric solutions to understand precisely and act efficiently !