Aquassay is an independent company, without any preconceived ideas about problem analysis and without any conflict of interest in terms of means and solutions (processes, measuring equipment, analytical laboratories, etc.).

Our sole decision-making criterion is how well our response to your needs performs.



« If your brain resembles a hammer, all the problems will resemble nails ».




The safety of your teams and our own is fundamental. Ethics in all its forms is an absolute priority for every one of us at Aquassay. Our field of activity is virtuous and respectful, as are our behaviours.

Operating across numerous sectors and industrial sites, our teams are trained to deal with various risks (chemical risks, level 2; Electrical Habilitation: B1/B2/BC/BR, CATEC® training (vocational training certificate to work in confined spaces). Aquassay has been given the MASE seal of approval (Manual for the Improvement of Business Safety) for 2017-2019. Our IT system and the data we collect are also highly secure (link to the Solutions safety page).



« Today we are caught in the mire of politics without principle, business without morality, wealth without work, education without character, science without humanity, enjoyment without conscience, religion without spirituality and professionalism without professional responsibility. We cannot certainly continue in this direction. »


Abdulghafur El-Busaiyn, President of the SUPKEM (Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims)

For Pope Francis’ visit to Kenya on 25 Nov. 2015




We are passionate about our work and motivated by the usefulness of our actions on the ground.

Confident that we are the trailblazers in a profession with prospects, we are keen to develop our technologies, act on the present and prepare for the future.

Our development strategy is based on collaboration and participation. We are members of the ALPHA RLH and HYDREOS competitiveness clusters, as well as the Environment clusters (Nouvelle Aquitaine region).

We are members of the Club BPI Excellence, the Club ADEME International and the UP40 (the Index for French Start-Ups in Africa – Medef International).



“Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player, the touchscreen and the cell phone. But Apple combined these technologies in a way that had never been done before, making them easy for everyone to use. The innovation consisted of optimising a product from the vision of its future use by the greatest number of people. Technology is not what’s important, it’s what users do with it.”


Matt Weinberger

de CITEworld