Shifting from industrial sites to futuristic sites is inevitable. Aquassay and its team of water treatments engineers accompany you to elaborate your data into water efficiency.


The deposit of information which are data is not exploited enough by industry. Effectively, the simple display of gross data cannot suffice to carry a continuous improvement action or a water efficiency strategy on. Gross data must be elaborated by experts, for a precise goal.

To define that goal, accompany it with a water management strategic vision and set up an action plan to attain it, Aquassay intervenes at different levels. That way, you can visualize relevant data, gross or calculated, which help you in making decisions on the long term but also in the daily life. 


Equiping your site is easy and we accompany you through each step.

Design Brief


Data collection

Interface subscription

YOU : You choose among our applications those which correspond to your installation.

AQUASSAY : Our process engineering experts advise you on which alerts and relevant parameters to set up to model an interface corresponding fully to the challenges you want to tackle. A detailed offer is proposed to you.

YOU : After acceptance of our offer, your direction and/or your ISD validates the sending of the chosen data.

AQUASSAY : Data are hosted on a secured server et recuperated in real time. If you do not own boxes able to send your data, we can propose data pushers to you, compatible with a great majority of recent installations.

YOU : Your accesses to the interface are open and you can consult it any place, at any moment.

AQUASSAY : Our team of engineers stays at your disposal for any editing or ASS on the interface. The subscription cost being dependent on the number of parameters, it may vary if the interface gets richer to answering new challenges.

As a complement of data, Aquassay can intervene at different levels alongside your firm.

If you do not own water treatment or process engineering competencies, the Aquassay team can intervene directly on site to indicate improvement solutions for your water efficiency.

After a state of play, which duration depends on your site size, Aquassay engineers will define with you solutions of optimization by dating back your installations information for a time.

From these data, a deliverable will be supplied, presenting our experts recommendations and the estimated water efficiency gain. On your demand, we can set up the solutions you have picked.

Meanwhile, if you wish to sensitize or train your collaborators to water efficiency, Aquassay teaches you the concept basics and everyday good reflexes to improve it.


Use new numeric solutions to understand precisely and act efficiently !