Cities and industries were built thinking water was inexhaustible, unalterable, and free. This is not the case and it is therefore necessary to initiate a transition to water efficiency.

The new management strategy water will either seek to deal with the consequences but above all to act on the causes. This requires finely scanner flows and uses of water, to determine how to reduce at source the consumptions and emissions (in volume pollutant load and toxicity) and improve the productivity of the uses of the water.

Aquassay has developed a technology dedicated to mapping in real-time of the flows and uses of water. The versatility of our innovation allows not only to install interconnecting measurement points, but also to connect most of the facilities of an industrial site, thus transforming the industrial factories connected sites, without having to modify their facilities.

The BWT, European leader in the water treatment group, has chosen Aquassay to make its adjoining facilities and become a player in the transition to water efficiency (more information : Here )