Water uses

As a thermal fluid or utility, as solvent or ingredient, water irrigates almost all human activities.


With ease

Data coming from your installations (ex.: sensors, automata) or operators (ex.: laboratory analyses, punctual measures and observations) are formatted, transmitted in real time and centralized on a private and secured cloud (ISO27001), dedicated to each client.

Each user accesses to its own interfaces directly on internet (web application: no software installation or IT management on site)

Interfaces propose, according to the needs of each, performance monitoring and operational analyses functions, especially integrating calculus of process engineering type. These interfaces have been conceived to be adaptable, evolutive and accessible to everyone.

Basic functions are automated monitoring in real time of your installations with a facilitated study of long histories. They allow a better process exploitation: anomalies and deviations detection, early signals identification (preventive maintenance), comparative analysis (eg: reference period), etc.

The most advanced functions integrate real-time predictive and prescriptive process simulation.

Aquassay methods

Water in processes

Whichever your expertise sector or your products and services, water is everywhere in your firm for washing, rinsing, dissolving, diluting, heating, cooling or even as ingredient.


Experts in water and engineering process, we have studied each brick of an industrial site. These standard bricks function on models largely described in literature, which allowed us to determine which data are essential for describing their operating state.

You can find above the water circuit scheme in a fictive « standard » factory, with the various applications Aquassay has already set up.

To go further and answer to the specific questions of its clients, Aquassay looks at the industrial site in a global way :