In an increasingly constraining context, water is a key element both of your operational performance and your environmental impact.

Specialist in water efficiency, Aquassay provides its process engineering expertise in the form of a SaaS solution, to analyze the operation of your installations in real time, helping you to optimize their exploitation.

Secured (ISO 27001 certification), innovative and user-friendly, our solution is globally deployed to address industries and city’s aims.



Your operational perfomance

Operational continuity, productivity, water global cost: optimize and maintain your production tool to its full potential.


Your environmental footprint

Through our global approach devoted to water, we help you decrease your consumptions and the impact of your effluents.

Futuristic management, today.

Our experts in water management discuss with your teams to study your issue and your installations. They determine with you the business interfaces and necessary data suited to your needs.






A business solution.

With the help of our electronic engineers and programmers, we collect your data in real time. Thanks to your users accounts, you can then get access to operational data.





A consulting support.

To go further, our experts are at your disposal to advise you, determine with you points of improvement and at risk of your installations, optimizing their exploitation.





An installed, configurated and optimized solution

certifications and authorizations


industrial and urban sites

connected devices

Aquassay in less than 3 minutes.

Water is a finite, modifiable and expensive resource. Aware of it, Aquassay founders developed water efficiency strategies and solutions.


We have contributed to improve their operational and environmental performances.


Benefit from certified services and acknowledged innovations.


Tested and approved, our clients testify


We have been looking for a long time for a partner who could understand our specific needs and helps us shape our concept. Aquassay's competencies and reactivity were key in achieving this first step of adding artificial intelligence into our reverse osmosis systems. We are very pleased with this first experiment and looking forward to further enhancing the model. Very soon our RO units will be able to guide the operators in executing the right preventive maintenance tasks.

Renaud Sublet, Engineering Group Manager, Nestlé Waters

Nous avons été très satisfaits de la prestation d’Aquassay durant toute les étapes de notre projet (définition du cahier des charges, appels d’offres et suivi des travaux). Aquassay nous a apporté une vraie valeur ajoutée en nous proposant des procédés ou des solutions techniques parfaitement adaptées à nos exigences. Nous avons également particulièrement apprécié le haut niveau de compétences des personnes rencontrées.

Philippe Corbet, Spadel

En 2018, un premier « démonstrateur » digital a été mené sur le site de Olsztyn, en Pologne, avec Aquassay. De l’acquisition des données à la modélisation de certains usages de l’eau comme la déminéralisation et la gestion des tours aéro-réfrigérantes (TAR), le digital nous permet d’entrevoir collectivement des nouvelles sources de progrès. Le digital accompagné d’experts de l’eau permet en effet de diffuser les enjeux au sein des organisations et de donner des moyens au plus près des utilisateurs afin qu’ils puissent exercer leurs responsabilités dans des conditions de succès.

Michelin, par communiqué de presse.


Use new numeric solutions to understand precisely and act efficiently !

Aquassay has signed a major partnership with Ponticelli Frères

Aquassay has signed a major partnership with Ponticelli Frères


The Groupe Ponticelli Frères trusts Aquassay with its water management tools for industries. They will then propose our solitions to thier clients as a lever for performance et independance towards climatic variations.


Latest news :

23/10/2019 Aquassay : a reference for engineering process according to SFGP

26/08/2019 Nestlé Waters anounces global deployment of Aquassay's solutions



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