Your data, your property

AQUASSAY has decided, when updating its website in June 2020, to get rid of third applications and intrusive cookied. Why ? Because, as data safety experts, we know how hard it is for you to keep your personal data personal.

We think that it is not necessary nor desirable that third parties can, through our website, exploit or monetize your data. Then, you will only find so-called “functional” cookies that allow web browsing to be as pleasant as possible and do not collect or send any of your personal data.

For full disclosure, we invite you to check by yourself. Please use this tutorial, which could be useful for any website you visit.

Your data, our expertise

AQUASSAY process each day data from numerous industrials facilities and sustainable cities. This is why we are ISO27001 certified for data safety.

Our clients’ data are hosted on private crypted european servers then processed by our  SaaS e-Water Efficiency designed for remote monitoring the water cycle of industrial facilities and sustainable cities.