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Paris 26 August, 2019

Nestlé Waters deploys innovative water monitoring technology

Nestlé Waters today announced it will deploy the French start-up Aquassay’s real-time data analysis solution, ‘SAAS’, across its industrial output in more than 20 countries.

Dedicated to driving efficient use of water, the digital solution is already operational at Henniez, Switzerland and Benha, Egypt for continuous monitoring of both water quality and quantity. For the Benha site, Nestlé Waters Product Technology Centre worked with Aquassay to develop an innovative monitoring system that allows early detection of issues, successfully avoiding unplanned and costly production shut-downs.

“This technology gives us real-time data and trend analyses using predictive models to help Nestlé Waters consume less and produce the highest quality water by monitoring every aspect of the process in our bottling plants” said Peter Hagmann, Nestlé Waters’ Head of Operations.

The on-line application gathers and visualizes data on smart phone, tablet and computer to aid prompt decision-making, including troubleshooting and maintenance planning. The technology will give Nestlé Waters’ operations and water resources team continuous data from its facilities to ensure water quality and efficiency.

“The Aquassay application helps both business users and municipal water managers to use and reuse water most efficiently” said Stephane Gilbert, CEO of Aquassay. “The application gives water resources teams a fuller understanding of the complete water cycle across all points of the operations.”

Knowledge sharing

Improved knowledge of water flows and uses will enable Nestlé Waters to contribute further to its knowledge sharing commitments to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), and to the preparation of certification of all Nestlé Waters bottling sites to the AWS Standard by 2025.

The AWS certification process consists of making production sites more water efficient and sharing the knowledge of hydrogeology with all local stakeholders. It also enables broader, improved collaboration within local communities. This leads to a stronger understanding of local water challenges and more meaningful collective actions to address them – all vital to sustainable water resources management. Nestlé Waters’ efforts in water stewardship are part of Nestlé’s Caring for Water initiative, and play a key role in achieving the company’s ambition of zero environmental impact in its operations.


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About Nestlé Waters

Founded in 1992, Nestlé Waters is the water division of the Nestlé Group and the No. 1 bottled water company worldwide (sales of CHF 8.0 billion in 2018). Nestlé Waters employs more than 28, 000 people worldwide. With over 85 production facilities in 30 countries around the world, Nestlé Waters has a unique portfolio of more than 50 brands including Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, S. Pellegrino and Poland Spring.

About Aquassay:

Created in 2015, AQUASSAY offers concrete solutions to optimize water management for industrial sites but also for cities, following the water efficiency guidelines: consume less and pollute less.

Its teams of experts in data and engineering process have developed an innovative technology, e- water efficiency, which allows a real-time follow-up of an entire site through an intuitive online software (SaaS). Clients have all the means to improve their water uses performance.

Certified ISO27001 and being deployed worldwide, AQUASSAY handles thousands of secured data queries per day, for prestigious clients such as Nestlé Waters and Michelin.

Media Contacts:

Nestlé Waters – Katie Dahlstrom External Communications Director
Aquassay – Matthieu Tanty