Despite the unprecedented period we are living, our activity of vulgarisation and communication about our exprtise and global water issues continues.

Since pandemic struck, a vast majority of us is forced to adapt and think about “the world after” (why not?). Aquassay decided not to change its publication habits on social media or website in order to inform you about water in the best way possible.

Yet, to complete these publications, we thought about everybody under stay-at-home orders. We offer you some games to entertain you while talking about our expertise : process engineering, water, on-site interventions… Here are 1 “word search” and 2 “crosswords” on these themes.

We hope they will make you smile, think and keep you entertained ! Do not hesitate to give us your comments and stay tuned on our social media (maybe we will be able to publish more games until the end of the crisis).

Word search “water” : grid

Crosswords “process engineering” : grid and solution

Crosswords “risks” : grid and solution